About Meghan....

Meghan is a sweet thing, but she doesn't seem to have a passion for creating webpages, leaving me with the task of trying to fill this space with thoughts about her. Born and raised in Powassan, near North Bay, Meghan is a northern girl, which suits me just fine. You know, you'd be surprised at how similar certain things are between Powassan and say, Beverly Hills. Both groups of kids are bussed in to school, although the bus ride in northern Ontario is probably much longer. But both buses travelled on shiny black paved roads and both had tinted windows! Cool .... er, oh, Meghan tells me that those weren't tinted windows on her school bus, they were windows black and crawling with black flies! What's that? Oh, oops, and I hear that what I thought was nice new black pavement up north was actually a solid mass of crawling tent caterpillars on the road. Apparently the highway was closed occassionally due to the danger of sliding out of control on caterpillar guts. Manitoulin was never that exciting!

Wow, who knew writing about Meghan and her life could be so gory! Apologies. Let's talk about more refined subjects. She has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Guelph and her Teaching Certificiate from Nipissing University. Meghan began her teaching career at Orangeville District Secondary School in Orangeville and took on the task of coaching the school rowing team (learning to row herself at the same time!). She now works at Maple Leaf International School in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, teaching upper level mathematics courses and no doubt endearing herself to a new batch of students.

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