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May 28, 2010

So here we are, family. Another family member to add to the Buie-Lawrence clan!!!

Hurray for Meghan, a spectacularly strong woman who delivered our little boy (or not so little, at 8 pounds!) at 8:25pm tonight, at home. She spent time in the tub, outside, up and down the stairs, and in bed. He was delivered in bed by Maggie, our midwife (a locum filling in for Ava who is away).

Enjoy the photos. We'll tell you the wee lad's name tomorrow once we decide for sure!

Neil, Meghan, Simon (who hasn't met his brother yet!), and Baby


May 4, 2008

Most of you knew we were expecting a baby in May, and defying the statistics, he came on his actual due date of May 4th. His name is Simon Verden Lawrence, and he weighed in at 7 pounds even.

His journey here was an interesting one. I must admit I wasn't exactly ready for the experience -- the marathon. What an amazing wife I have. Labour is life-changing, and I see Meghan a little bit differently now. We had a home birth with a midwife attending. Meghan's contractions began about 10pm on Saturday night, and by 5 am we called the midwife who came and gave Meghan good news, that she was already 5cm dilated. Whew! 5 centimeters to go! It was really rough watching Meghan deal with the pain, but the hot shower helped. When she was fully dilated (sorry boys, but this is the birth story and you might as well hear it from me!) she got in the bathtub, and never left it. Amazingly, the pain got worse for a while as the baby's head moved past the cervix, and then Meghan was back in her labour trance ("labourland" as many of the books call it), with me pouring hot water on her back constantly for pain relief. I felt nearly helpless, but I poured water (like the Aquarian I am) for all I was worth! 2 1/2 hours later, at 1:35pm, she gave birth to a beautiful little boy. It was incredible. That's inadequate for the miracle that happened in our home, but hopefully you get the idea.

I thought I'd be nervous about being a new father, but Love has a way of dispelling fear it seems.

Meghan is doing great, although she is feeling rather sore (to put it lightly) all over, and guys, you'll be happy to know that I won't get into any more details about that!

We are ecstatic about our new son, and we hope to show him off to most of you sometime in the coming summer.

All our best,

Neil, Meghan and Simon


May 24, 2007

Spring and the black flies have arrived at last! Gardening currently requires one hand held over the mouth and nose to keep the black flies out while the other hand operates the hoe or watering can. Besides the arrival of the gardening weather, the running weather is back. Jen and I completed our second half-marathon last week, and Meghan completed her first race ever! Jen and I probably could have run in better time (race results) than we did, but we spent the first 17km deep in conversation, catching up as brothers and sisters should! Thanks Jen.

March 20, 2007

The lake is still iced over, but for how much longer? The warm weather last week, followed by the -10C these last few days, have made for some great skating on McQuaby Lake. It has been a rather short-ish winter for us cryophiles, as we were only just getting started with the cross-country skiing in January. We were delighted to discover a slew of trails criss-crossing the hardwood bush behind the cottage, and we took full advantage of them most days. Skiing beneath snowy boughs on a bright sunny day, and the cold nose just seems to fit right in to the perfect winter picture! Kennedy loves the snow, pelting helter-skelter off the trails chasing imagined scents and who-knows-what-else!

September 1, 2006

Meghan and I are happily installed at the cottage on McQuaby Lake, near North Bay, Ontario. It's been a great summer, including a reunion with Kennedy, a canoe trip on the French River, Chris and Kathy's wedding, and being able to visit many of our good friends whom we hadn't seen in a year! We both have jobs close to where we are living. Meghan's teaching math at West Ferris Secondary School in North Bay. I'll be working at a small animal clinic in Callander, just south of North Bay. It will be interesting to consider myself a small animal vet... I guess I won't miss those cold nights in the barn stitching up horses or delivering calves.... No, I will miss those a bit! Ah well, let's see how I do at small animal work for the time being.

On a more serious note, Justin has put me on to this website, It is alarming to say the least, and should give me/us a kick in the ass to get down to business with reducing our energy consumption. Using that Blue Box isn't enough!!! Let me know what you think of the site.

June 2, 2006

Our time in Trinidad is coming to a close. We still have a short list of waterfalls and remote beaches we would like to visit before leaving, so our weekends are getting booked up with trip plans. I am no longer employed with Tenderheart Veterinary Hospital, so now I am back supply teaching at Maple Leaf. Hmmm.... and my first day was teaching sex ed to teenagers! Not exactly what I thought I was signed up for!!! See y'all soon.

February 9, 2006

Uh, hmmm, well now.... (shuffling of feet) .... Time has passed. Life is good. I guess we are really getting into this Caribbean sense of time! I suppose if you want to get the real deal on what we've been up to, you should check out the photo section and the summaries I've provided to accompany each album. If you aren't interested in stunning beaches and tropical wildlife, read on!

Meghan's work at Maple Leaf International School continues, and most of our more memorable adventures have involved our new friends through school. I gave up looking for work in September or October and contented myself with a bit of volunteering here and there. Well, the good life does eventually come to an end as work finally found me in November. I've been working at a small animal clinic about 25 kms away -- the motor bike is proving its worth in getting me through some horrendous traffic every morning and afternoon! My hours are from 8 am to 1 pm, so I am able to drop Meghan off and pick her up again around 2:30pm. I've also been doing some work with a very interesting organization in our area, the Wildlife Orphanage and Rehabilitation Center (W.O.R.C.). I've been hanging out with Detta, the director, and realizing how much time and energy is required to attend to the various birds of prey and mammals that find their way into her capable hands. I've been their volunteer webmaster for this year, so have a look: (I didn't design the webpage, I've just been posting content and finishing up some of the pages).

So, yes, life is sunny and relaxing and busy sometimes, and always interesting. Come visit and see for yourself!

September 3, 2005

I've updated the website with some photos and information about our new life here in Trinidad. We are fully immersed in a grand adventure under the tropical sun, and enjoying every minute of it! Check it out.

August 21, 2005

We're off to tropical climes for the next year! Meghan is working for Maple Leaf International School in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. I, being the faithful husband, am following her to keep house and work on my surfing skills. Alas, I am unemployed as of yet, but I'm hopeful something will turn up shortly. Stay tuned for updates! Photos of Trinidad will be posted here shortly.

January 30, 2005

Ah, the sunny delights of Mexico... Meghan and I had a wonderful vacation down in Monterrey, Mexico, exploring the mountains, the desert, and the city. Thanks Amey and Michelle for being such great hosts - we really enjoyed our time with you! Check out our photos here.

Some of you might be interested to know that Greyhound offers a GoAnywhere Fare (for any 2 points in North America), so.... technically you could bus from Orangeville to Laredo, Texas (at the Mexican border) for only $100 return! How fantastic is that?! Make sure you allot between 50 and 70 hours travelling time (based on personal experience) and pack your deoderant!

October 6, 2004

We made our inaugral foray into the adventure racing world last weekend near Peterborough. Vince, Brad, Matt, and I endured the elements on Saturday, placing 6th out of 16 teams of four. We mountain biked 35kms, jogged 9 kms, and canoed between 2 to 3 kms. The rain pounded down for quite a while and I finished the race with some serious teeth chattering. Click here for race results.

On Sunday we entered two teams of 2, Meghan and myself raced together, and Brad and Angela raced as a team. The weather could not have been better, and I constantly craned my head back to drink in the beautiful combination of towering pines, blue skies, and light clouds. The winds were quiet, allowing for the full canoe loop of 8 kms, then we jumped on our bikes, then jogging, then biking again. We biked approximately 25 kms and ran 5 kms. We all survived and the smiles on our faces at the finish line were less muddy than the day before!

August 9, 2004

We celebrated our first year of married life by planting a small oak tree and popping a bottle of wine saved from our wedding.

Hurray for us!

July 23, 2004

Yet another wedding amongst our group of friends from the U of G! Congratulations to Randi & Julie! We had an amazing weekend celebrating with these two up in North Bay. Everybody, but EVERYBODY, was there. I'm always blown away by how close this group is, and a wedding is a perfect chance for us all to catch up.

May 22, 2004

Arthur and Amanda pulled off a perfect weekend for a wedding in Ottawa, despite dire predictions of rain. The entire day was a blast, and it was an honour to stand up with Art on his wedding day. Of course, it was also an honour to hack with Art and the boys (here's the warm-up movie) in our spiffy tuxes, but Meghan probably doesn't want me to go into that!

May 9, 2004

After less than a month, the Buie Family has again dispersed one of its agents. My little big brother, Rob, has flown the coop... in a big way! Best of luck with the next chapter in your flying career, Rob. First finding work in the sky up in the Northwest Territories, Rob is now flying in the Maldive Islands, south of India. Click here and visit his fan site.

April 15, 2004

My little sister, Jen, has returned from South Korea after over 6 months of teaching English to some young rambunctious students. It is great to have Jen back in our happy clutches after such a long absence from Canada. I think we've convinced her to hang out in Orangeville with us for a few days before she returns to Manitoulin Island.

Welcome back, Jen!

March 10, 2004

We fool-heartedly signed up for a winter adventure race in Ottawa last weekend. Vince assured us we'd be fine given that we've been cross-country skiing daily on our trails here in Orangeville. Amey and Brad were our co-conspirators for Team Knickerbocker. Vince, Margo, Laura and Randi, friends from university, were Team I Think I Can, and the only team we were hoping to have a chance of beating.

Amey's ski boots after 8 hours of abuse Although the snow had largely disappeared around here, Gatineau Park was still under snow. Rain on Friday made the trails very slick and the downhill sections (each one steeper and twistier and flanked by more and more ominous looking trees!) were fast and dangerous. One competitor broke his hand and another gashed open his face. We fared better, but that was likely due to our tempered speed. We really had a lot of fun, and although we weren't competitive with the other teams, we weren't last either. Here's the race synopsis... Zone3Sports. As you can see, the makers of duct tape were our official sponsors and helped Amey get through the race!

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